Welcome to the Student Services Office!

California University of Management and Sciences-Virginia (CalUMS-VA) provides a wide range of student services that include:

General Advising

General advising is provided by the Students Services Advisor. General advising include housing information, schedules for public transportation, applications for personal banking, and other general information.

New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation Program assists first-time students and new transfer students in their transition to CalUMS-VA. This program exposes new students to broad-based educational opportunities on campus and introduces students to college life. This orientation is also designed to familiarize them with campus facilities, policies, regulations, and administrative staff. The University offers this orientation a week prior to the beginning of each academic quarter.

Scholarship & Academic Service Awards

CalUMS-VA offers variety of scholarships to be awarded each quarter to qualified full-time students:
- Campus Director’s Award - Academic Excellence Award - Student Services Award - Graduate Alumni Award - Thirty Opportunity Award Please e-mail to request a Scholarship Application Form.

Housing Services

The University does not provide student housing. However, there are many private apartments and boarding houses around the University. The Student Services Office helps students find appropriate housing.

Tutorial Services

The tutoring services is an integral part of academic life and is a function of CalUMS-VA. Students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by designated and approved student tutors, faculty members or other instructional personnel. All tutoring functions will be coordinated by the Student Services Office and Academic Offices, and provided to requesting students at no charge.

Career Services

In order to assist students, the University provides job placement assistance within the University and through its network affiliations with business, computer information, and program related companies. Also, assistance in the preparation of the resume is provided upon student request. In addition, a bulletin board is maintained with job announcements and career opportunities. These services are provided at no cost to the student. CalUMS-VA, however, does not guarantee employment or a specific level of income from its placement assistance. All these services are available at the Student Services Office. On-Campus Opportunities You can apply for an on-campus, part-time job by sending your resume to

Conferred Degrees and Commencement

Degrees for completed programs at CalUMS-VA are conferred four times a year. Applicants for degree conferral must plan to complete their program requirements by the end of the quarter for which they applied. All students who receive degrees in September, December, March, June of the academic year may participate in the Commencement celebration in June. In March, the Student Services Office sends information about the Commencement Day.