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Register for Classes

​CalUMS-VA admits new students every quarter. All students must register for certain courses in accordance with their academic plans and for which they meet the stated prerequisites. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors before class enrollment and at least once each quarter.

Preparing for course registration
  • Check your Program Course Requirement and identify your classes

  • Plan your schedule carefully and avoid time/day conflictsFor important dates, check the Academic Calendar

  • Check your prerequisite courses or those requiring approval from the Academic Office

  • Do not select more than the required course load

  • Have your proper Course Number and Title for each class

  • Make a payment of registration feePaying a registration fee does not mean you are registered.

  • Clear all outstanding dues before registering

  • You can register for courses during the registration period. You may still register for courses up to the last day of the Add/Drop period upon paying a late registration fee.

Registration at the Registrar Office

Registration via Student Portal

  • Go to the Student Portal login page and enter your credentials (this information has been provided to you during your first quarter, contact the office if you have misplaced it)

  • Click on Pay Online to make a payment of registration fee

  • Go to Course under Menu

  • Select the courses of your choice (you may advise with your academic advisor or registrar if you need guidance)

  • Academic and Finance Offices will respond within two (2) business days

  • Once confirmed, you will receive your registration invoice

  • Your registration is NOT complete without registration invoice


Student portal.PNG

Through the Student Portal current students can register for classes, make tuition payments, check current courses, print out student ledger and more.


Add and Drop Policy

During the Add & Drop period, not more than two (2) courses may be dropped and an equivalent number of courses may be added without penalty (financial or attendance). No other ADDs are allowed after the Add & Drop period except under the same kind of emergency circumstances that would apply in the case of incomplete grades. In all cases, the resulting academic load of the student must adhere to the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies and regulations of the University.

A student who wishes to ADD a course(s) must:

  • Make a request by completing the Add&Drop request form

  • Obtain approval from the Academic Office

  • Once confirmed, a notification will be sent by the Registrar Office


A student who wishes to DROP a course(s) must:

  • Make a request by completing the Add&Drop request form

  • Once confirmed, a notification will be sent by the Registrar Office


The Add & Drop period ends at 5pm on the second Wednesday of the quarter.

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