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If you want to improve the practice of management in a changing world, you are going to love this Library online subscription.

Contact the librarian, Mona or handout the Library for login information.

The journal articles cover both academic/theoretical content as well as timely, real-world developments and innovations, both within the U.S. and internationally.

Contact the librarian, Mona or handout the Library for login information.

Contact the librarian, Mona or handout the Library for login information.

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A community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, free open access, peer-reviewed journals. 9,515 Journals, 2.425,620 Articles from 129 countries. Be informed of the latest scientific and scholarly journals, releases following their Facebook.​

Research Papers & Reports

From foundational science to new and novel research, discover our large collection of Physical Sciences and Engineering publications, covering a range of disciplines, from the theoretical to the applied. 

Includes Computer Science.


SSRN’s eLibrary provides 908,152 research papers from 41,480 researchers in more than 50 disciplines.

Includes Computer Science Research Network.

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Online Databases

Databases are maintained by county libraries. A student ID is required at time of registration.

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CalUMS-VA EBooks (For information, contact

  • Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behaviour

  • Artificial Intelligence Agents and Environment

  • Automation and Robotics

  • Business Information Management​

  • Database Design and Implementation

  • Digital Thinking and Mobile Teaching

  • Effective Management Decision Making

  • A Guide to ERP

  • An Introduction to Accounting Theory

  • Introduction to E-Commerce

  • An Introduction to Relational Database Theory

  • JAVA: Classes in JAVA Applications

  • JAVA: Graphical User Interfaces (An Introduction to Java Programming)

  • Large Scale Data Handling in Biology

  • Mathematics for Computer Scientists

  • The Myths and Realities of Teamwork

  • Object-Oriented Programming Using C#

  • Object-Oriented Programming Using JAVA

  • Policing Cyber Crime

  • Principles of Accounting. Vol 1. Financial Accounting

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

  • Structured Programming with C++

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • SQL: A Comparative Survey

  • Trends in business Information Management

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