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Master of Science in Healthcare Management (M.S.H.M.)

Program Objectives 

The Master of Science in Healthcare Management (M.S.H.M.) program is designed to equip well-seasoned healthcare professionals with core executive competencies in managing healthcare organizations in a dynamic and market-driven environment. Graduates may attain occupations as health manager, office manager, practice administrator, program manager, health information management director, health information management corporate director, etc.


Graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the problem-solving skills in managing the operational and financial aspects of the healthcare delivery systems.

  2. Exhibit understanding of the legal and regulatory framework in healthcare and implications for healthcare management.

  3. Apply core business principles to develop viable healthcare management solutions.

  4. Conduct progressive research examining the dynamic environment of healthcare administration.

  5. Integrate ethical principles with the industry knowledge while practicing leadership skills.

Doctor with Files

Program Course Requirements

Students for the Master of Science in Healthcare Management (M.S.H.M.) must provide proof that they have completed a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare management or related areas such as healthcare administration, healthcare management, health services, or nursing from a recognized post-secondary institution of higher learning. Those who have not completed their bachelor’s degrees in healthcare management related areas will be required to enroll and complete the up to four program prerequisite courses as determined and approved by the Academic Dean.


Disclaimer: MSHM is not designed to prepare graduates for a nursing home, assisted living facility, long-term care, or home care administrator positions. Students interested in practicing a regulated profession must contact the appropriate state regulatory agency for certification or licensure requirements. In Virginia, certain educational training requirements must be satisfied for initial Nursing Home Administrator licensure, and initial Assisted Living Facility Administrator licensure. This program does not satisfy the educational requirements for these licensed professions.


Prerequisite Courses (4 courses)

Students who completed their bachelor’s degree in a non-healthcare field or students with an insufficient background in healthcare management are required to complete up to four (4) prerequisite courses. Some program prerequisites may be waived or taken in combination with another course with the Academic Dean’s approval.

Major Courses (11 courses)

Elective Courses

With MS611 Project, choose any two (2) courses that are not listed as major courses of MSHM programs; subject to the approval of the Academic Office.


With Comprehensive Exam, choose any three (3) courses that are not listed as major courses of MSHM programs; subject other approval of the Academic Office.

Choose any one (1) course below

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