The CalUMS-VA library supports and enriches the programs of study in the University. Our library maintains a collection of resources devoted to the areas of business, business management, international accounting, healthcare, marketing, investment and finance, information technology, and information management as well as a variety of books, journals, periodicals, audio and video tapes, disks, and reference materials. The library collection is updated as necessary to reflect current research, discovery, and practice.


Access to the Internet is available for library users. The library offers maps, online and interactive CD ROM, pamphlets, brochures, career and college information resources, music compact disks, and videos. Library resource cataloging is done online and can be retrieved through the library database system.


The library also offers the following services to students, faculty, and staff:


  • Circulation

  • Copy Center

  • Group Discussion Room

  • Computer Systems

  • Reference and Research Services


Library Hours

The library is open 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. The library will be open until 9 pm if there are evening classes.


Finding Books

The University Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System (LCCS) to organize its books. Each book has a “call number” on the spine and books are placed on the shelves in order, according to these numbers. Call numbers indicate specific subject areas.


Borrowing Books

You must present your CalUMS-VA Student ID card or driver’s license to check out library materials. If you lose your ID card notify the circulation staff immediately. You may purchase a replacement card at the Administrative Office for $10.00.

  • Students: Due to our limited supply, books may be checked out for two weeks and renewed an additional two times. You get a total of 6 weeks. You are limited to four books. If you are interested in checking out a book for the entire quarter, please ask a Librarian.

  • Faculty can check out books for the entire quarter.

  • You are personally responsible for the safety, proper use and return of all library materials. The CalUMS-VA Library charges 50 cents a fine per day for overdue books. This policy is now in effect.

  • Failure to return library materials will eventually result in a “block” being placed on your record. If you are “blocked”, you cannot check out additional books, order a transcript, or register for additional courses. You must pay for the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials plus a $10.00 processing fee.

  • Reference books, periodicals, and journals/magazines are for library use only and may not be checked out.

  • Reserve materials are placed at the Reserve Desk by instructors for student use. These materials are usually restricted to library use for three hours.


Borrowing from other libraries 

  • You may also borrow books from other libraries outside the CalUMS-VA.  Students who wish to obtain the library card from another school will be subsidized $50 per year. The student must first obtain the library admission card from other colleges/universities and show the receipt for the payment to the librarian and request the $50 subsidy. Ask a librarian for assistance.


Library Computers 

All library computers should be used for research only. E-mail and electronic “chat” are available at the computer lab. Data may be printed or saved to media.


E-mail Policy 
E-mail is permitted on library computers on a space-available basis only. E-mail service is also available at the computer lab.


Group Study Room 

One group study room is available for groups of two or more who need to confer on group projects. They need to sign up at the circulation desk for the designated time. Reservation of the room is available for a max of 1 ½ hours for students.








12801 Fair Lakes Parkway

Fairfax, VA 22033

Tel: 703.663.8088    Fax: 703.663.8090




1126 N Brookhurst Street, Suite 200

Anaheim, CA  92801

Tel: 714.533.3946    Fax: 714.533.7778


Web: http://www.calums.edudu

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