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The CalUMS-VA library supports and enriches the programs of study at the University. Our library maintains a collection of resources devoted to the areas of business, business management, international accounting, healthcare, marketing, investment and finance, information technology, and information management as well as a variety of books, journals, periodicals, audio and video tapes, disks, and reference materials. The library collection is updated as necessary to reflect current research, discovery, and practice.


Access to the Internet is available for library users. The library offers maps, online and interactive CD ROM, pamphlets, brochures, career and college information resources, music compact disks, and videos. Library resource cataloging is done online and can be retrieved through the library database system.


Library Hours

The library is open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday if there are weekend classes. The library will be open until 9 pm if there are evening classes.


Borrowing Books

Fill out the Checkout Slip found in a box on the conference table (One for each book). Leave completed slips in a box indicated.







You are personally responsible for the safety, proper use and return of all library materials. Students and faculty have open-ended checkout privileges. However, after the second week of a checkout period, students will be asked to return any item(s) if requested by the faculty or another student. A fine of $.50 per day will be charged for each item recalled and not returned to the Librarian within two (2) days.
All materials checked out by students are to be returned to the Library at the end of each quarter. Items not returned will be charged the standard $.50 a day for each item. If an item is not returned within six months after the overdue fine has been accrued, the Library considers the item lost and charges the full market price for the lost item, or it's equivalent. An unpaid student account may result in a hold on the student’s other requests, such as issuing transcripts, certificates, or a diploma.

Non-circulating materials 

Reference materials, periodicals (journals), and reserve books are available for in-library use only.


Library Onlne System

Library’s holdings information is found in the Library’s Online Catalog.

You can choose to search by subject heading or keyword, title, or author. You can also select searching by broad categories, such as Management. The call number and basic information about the book will be displayed. You can then use the call number to locate the required book on the shelf and browse the nearby books for information that you need.
Subject Headings are a tightly controlled vocabulary that reflects the subject matter of the book. These can be used to search for other, related books.








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