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By: Imane B. Dahni / Dean of Administration

In today’s digital age, everything is done virtually. Although the advantages of telecommunications cannot be denied, as it makes communicating cheaper, instantaneous and more convenient, it is important to remember that people used to interact more before all of these advancements. Humans are social beings by nature.

When it comes to education, virtual education has become a more common alternative to a traditional classroom, but it cannot be forgotten that this might not be ideal for every student. Below are the top 5 reasons to choose a traditional university:

1. Face-to-face classes in compliance with usics regulations

Per USCIS regulations, international students are required to attend school full time. By attending a traditional university there will be no ambiguity in regards to tracking full-time attendance versus online classes.

2. instant hollistic feedback from professors

In the Classroom

A key component of students’ learning and success in class is from the feedback they receive from their instructor. Faculty teaching in traditional universities can provide prompt and holistic feedback to students during class discussions and on their assignments. Instant and constructive feedback from professors keeps the dialogue and learning moving forward.

3. discipline and motivation to complete program with structured schedule

Social interaction enhances the students’ knowledge of the subject matter and their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By collaborating with peers, students can gain first-hand experience of working in teams, which can be a great benefit in their career.

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4. collaboration, networking, and social interaction

By working with peers towards the same goal, students can inspire one another by sharing what motivates them to complete their program. By having the same goal in mind and motivating each other, progress can quickly and visibly be measured, and success easily achieved. Also, the structured schedule of attending classes can help students to stay focused and up to date on their coursework. More frequent reminders of upcoming assignments, minimal distractions, and routing face-to-face interactions with professors help traditional university students to stay motivated and complete their programs of study within a reasonable amount of time.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

5. quick access to student support and advising services

There are many services provided to students on a traditional campus. These may include tutoring, careering counseling, academic advising and writing centers, where students can get their papers proofread before submission. When students attend class, they can conveniently meet with advisors with any questions they may have. Students can also attend guest speaker lectures and other events, all designed with student advancement in mind.

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