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California University of Management and Sciences (CalUMS-VA) is an institution of higher education which offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.


In 1998, then known as “California College of Management and Sciences,” it was organized as a non-profit, public benefit corporation chartered in the State of California. It was approved by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education to offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.  In 2002, the school changed its name to “California University of Management and Sciences” or CalUMS.


In 2006, CalUMS-VA in California was awarded its initial grant of accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to offer programs through the master’s degree level.


In 2007, California University of Management and Sciences-Virginia (“CalUMS-VA” or the “University”) was incorporated as a non-profit, public-benefit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The branch campus was certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) to offer degrees, courses for degree credit, or programs of study leading to a degree, certificate or diploma.


In 2008, CalUMS-VA was included initially within the scope of CalUMS accreditation by ACICS. In October of 2015, ACICS approved the reclassification of CalUMS VA branch campus to the main campus in Virginia.

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Founding Philosophy


California University of Management and Sciences was founded on three principal objectives:



The University encourages each student to examine his/her values in the light of changing technology and value systems in the society. The educational values of California University of Management and Sciences rest upon guiding the student to discover acceptable and desirable values applying them in acquisition and application of knowledge to better their own well-being, as well as their community’s.



The University encourages students to adapt to an increasingly sophisticated world. The rapid influx of information and knowledge is affecting the ways we work and live. Thus, general education is considered an important factor contributing to a versatile foundation to meet the future.



The University encourages students to acquire the knowledge and skills in business and sciences to align advanced technology with the rapidly changing global environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of California University of Management and Sciences, Virginia Campus is to provide high quality and affordable education to serve the intellectual and professional needs of individuals and organizations.


CalUMS-VA endeavors to instill in students the values of life-long learning and ethical choices. The University also seeks to cultivate in its students the capacity for critical thinking, willingness to accept challenges, commitment to social responsibility, and ability to respond creatively to the ever dynamic global environment.


CalUMS-VA prepares its graduates for personal and professional development and for careers in the administration and management of business, technology, healthcare, law, and sports programs and organizations. Its graduates can manage problems with confidence from an informed perspective, and can utilize the theories and concepts learned in their educational experiences to create practical and innovative solutions.


CalUMS-VA encourages the interplay of individual creativity and intellectual diversity as the source of true understanding. It cultivates an appreciation of human capabilities and cultural diversity as the pathway to individual achievement and self-esteem. Therefore, the University is committed to creating and maintaining an intellectual and educational environment that reflects diverse values. It fosters appreciation of a multi-cultural society and seeks greater involvement with an increasingly interdependent world.

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