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Off-Campus Employment Based on Severe Economic Hardship

This type of work authorization is only available if you are experiencing unforeseen circumstances such as: 

  • Loss of financial aid or on-campus employment (through no fault of your own);

  • Substantial fluctuations in currency value or exchange rate;

  • Inordinate increases in tuition or living costs;

  • Unexpected changes in the financial condition of your source of support;

  • Medical bills; and

  • Other substantial and unexpected expenses.


In order to apply for Economic Hardship employment, you must :

  • be in F-1 status for one (1) full academic year

  • be in good academic standing

  • be enrolled in a full course of study

  • can show and prove severe economic hardship due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control

  • submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

  • submit your current Form I-20


For more information please refer to SEVP website.

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