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Current and former students may request their official transcripts and other documents by completing a Document Request Form.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are issued by Registrar within 5 business days of receiving the student's request. Check all fees at Tuition & Fees.


Important Notes:

  • Official transcripts are issued in separate, sealed envelopes.

  • In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), your records will only be released to a third-party with your written consent.

  • All outstanding university financial obligations must be cleared and missing grades submitted before your transcript can be released.

Student records, including the academic transcript, are protected by the FERPA privacy act. Only the student may request a copy of his or her academic record. Family or friends are not permitted access to student records without the written consent of the student.

Enrollment Verification

Letter of enrollment verification is an official document which confirms attendance, awarded degrees, current and past enrollment, expected graduation date.

In the event that a diploma is lost, stolen or damaged, a request for a replacement needs to be submitted. A replacement diploma fee is listed under Tuition & Fees. The process may take from four to six weeks from the time the request is placed. The new diploma will bear a statement in the lower margin, certifying that the diploma is, in substance, reissued.

Graduation Handshake
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