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Bachelor of Science in Business Management (B.S.B.M)


Program Objectives

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Business Management program is to provide students with an understanding of the challenges, concerns, and responsibilities that they will experience in the business world. This is accomplished through: (1) academic courses which cover the functional areas of business; and, (2) infusion of current trends and technologies into business management courses as part of the students’ learning process.

Upon completion of this program, graduates may attain occupations as business administrator, operation manager, plant superintendents, administrative coordinator, administrative officer/specialist, office manager, management analyst, management consultant etc.


Graduates will be able to:

  1. Express and demonstrate the different roles of human resources in an organization.

  2. Apply basic mathematical tools and techniques in evaluating the firm.

  3. Identify strategies and operational plans available to the firm.

  4. Demonstrate the role of information systems and technology in assisting businesses with management and operations.

  5. Be educationally positioned for employment in a position of their choice and to continue their studies toward a graduate degree, if they choose.


Program Course Requirements 

General Education Courses (17 Courses)












Major Courses (23 Courses)














































Elective Courses (Choose 5 Courses)
























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