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Welcome to the Academic Office!


Thank you for choosing California University of Management and Sciences-Virginia Campus for your studies! We are committed to provide you with a world-class education and make your short time with us enjoyable.


Since opening its doors in Northern Virginia, our campus is known for offering high-quality, affordable education to students from around the world by delivering advanced degree programs in business and computer information systems. These programs, designed by highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff, provide you with a foundation for success as you master a range of competencies, from communication and quantitative skills to critical thinking and social responsibility. To this day, we remain committed to maximizing your access, respect diversity and support your learning and career aspirations.


We are here to facilitate your success and confidence that, as we all participate and share, this will be a rewarding educational experience for each of you.


Together we can make a difference!


Best regards,


Dr. Alisher Akhmedjonov

Academic Dean 

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