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Campus Director's Message


CalUMS-VA was founded 11 years ago with the promise of providing the highest possible quality of education at affordable rates and convenient schedules for its students. We keep delivering on that promise while expanding our reach with new opportunities for our students and graduates.


Moreover, we pride ourselves in offering a path to success that is accessible to students from different backgrounds and cultures. Our motto is Your future, your way, and we mean it. We do not just offer the best tuition rates in the Washington, DC area, with top-of-the-line faculty and academic programs that make sense in today’s ever-changing professional world; we also engage in practices that promote entrepreneurship and professional development for our students, alumni, and the local community.

We are a welcoming academic and professional community, rooted in local and regional initiatives, and committed to a global understanding of business and knowledge, that takes advantage of the incredible diversity of the Washington DC area.


When you join CalUMS-VA, you make our community stronger, and you increase your possibilities of individual success. Welcome to our CalUMS-VA Family.


Campus Director

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